Holland’s High are proud to be the first online retailer to offer Cannabis BakeHouse muffins for mail order. Now you can have the real Amsterdam coffee house experience in your own home, as we ship these popular and delectable edibles right to your door. Whether you want to mellow out your Sunday brunch or give a hazy finish to a dinner party, these next-level treats will leave you blissed out on a wave of butter, chocolate, exotic fruits—and, of course, some of the Netherlands’ finest herb. The muffin wizards at Cannabis BakeHouse have crafted unique flavours including Chocolate Haze, Blueberry Haze and Mango Kush to give you a deliciously different way to indulge in the worlds greatest plant. To produce these delicious and intoxicating morsels, they combine the finest ingredients with delicious and specially selected strains of marijuana to make soft, tender muffins that pack a serious punch. Cannabis Bakehouse goodies are made fresh every day and rushed straight to you, making them the perfect way to treat you and your friends to an all-round amazing sensory experience. The only difficult decision is which flavour to choose…but don’t you owe it to yourself to try all three? And with our 25% introductory discount, now is the perfect time to buy in our online shop where you will find a cornucopia of recreational and medical items to meet all your needs and desires, and our friendly, expert staff are waiting to guide you through the Holland’s High wonderland.

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