Newcomers to the European cannabis scene, Dutchfem are a company of long-time growers who have banded together to bring you some no-nonsense highs. Dutchfem comprises of people who want to bring their experiences in the Netherlands continent-wide. Their shirts say “it ain’t much if it ain’t Dutch” and here at Holland’s High, we’re inclined to agree. Their tireless commitment to quality means that Dutchfem produces seeds that are both easy to grow and deliver bountiful, powerful yields. Dutchfem understands that cannabis jargon can be a little impenetrable to newcomers. This is why they offer popular strains, named in a straightforward fashion. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting with easy-to-understand names like Northern Light Special and Critical XL. Dutchfem seeds are also ready to meet the needs of first-time growers. Their autoflowering varieties remove some of the ambiguity and busywork from growing your own product, allowing you to have a smoother experience throughout the process. Dutchfem also carry feminised seeds, saving you the effort and disappointment involved in removing male plants. They offer a range of both sativa and indica strains, designed to deliver you just the high you’re looking for. All of Dutchfem’s seeds are cultivated through all-natural methods. This keeps both them and you free of nasty pesticides. Their seeds are then hand-selected, allowing you to rest assured that your future plant is in good hands. If you swing by our growshop, you’ll find stimulants and boosters that will help bring out the best possible plant and most potent high. Our smartshop offers a change of pace by stocking a variety of shrooms and other herbal highs. Holland’s High is proud to carry Dutchfem’s line of high quality products. Speed and discretion are our delivery priorities — and above all else, we ensure that you’ll be receiving your marijuana seeds in top notch condition. Buy Dutchfem seeds from us today!

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