Through the years, our friends from 420 Fast Buds seeds have developed an amazing collection of fast flowering cannabis seeds. They have many years of experience, close cooperation, and fruitful work with some of the world’s most glorified growers. The 420 Fast Buds have decided to partner with HollandsHigh to bring their cannabis seeds collection to Europe. The 420 Fast buds breeders has been there for many years and keeps getting better in creating amazing tasting fast flowering cannabis seeds.

Today, 420 Fast Buds is available both in the States and in Europe via HollandsHigh. The 420 Fast Buds are carefully select auto-flowering genetics that we believe to be the most promising available. They use a special Canadian Ruderalis and have managed to make great steps in utilising this strains while attaining high THC levels. 420 Fast Buds have an highly trained team that ensures that they have some of the best quality cannabis seeds that growers can find today.

Looking to buy American Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds from 420Fastbuds? HollandsHigh is the official online supplier of 420 Fast Buds!

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