Our Head Shop brings you best grinders in the market. We have a variety of the product ranging from metallic, wooden and acrylic grinders. The metallic grinders are however more powerful than the rest while the distinct acrylic options have. Each material has its benefits, and it’s your choice on which grinder you want and why. 

Our grinders help you to crash any of your substances or herbs into small particles. These small particles are workable regarding the speed of processing, easy vaporization or heating and also add value to the resulting high potency results since the substance is well used.

The grinder has three main segments. The cover serves as the crasher, on the top part is a platform with blades that enable crashing. Besides blades are outlets which allow the ground particles to drop to the receiving lower division. The fine powder falls into the lower segment.

The grinder is very easy to use. You just take off the top lid and place the big particles on blades. Then you replace the top grinder element and rotate it to a minimum of ten times. You need to unscrew the lower part of grinder that receives the particles to obtain them. Unscrew the last segment that holds the finest powder ready for use.

All our grinders come from respectable manufacturers who observe high-quality standards. You can explore through our Head Shop available products and select and buy a grinder of your choice. Make your order today and purchase grinder that meets your needs.

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