The use of pipes to smoke weed and tobacco substances has a long history; it dates from many centuries ago. The smoking pipe is the oldest form of smoking that still exists up to date. In fact, pipes became more popular in most parts of Europe for their adoption in ceremonial smoking activities. At Holland High, we have new pipes available for you. 

We have a range of smoking pipes that will fit into your smoking habits and make it more comfortable and enjoyable. Our available types are from different materials including metallic, wooden, acrylic, soapstone and glass. The pipes are available at different lengths to fit into your preferences. We only source our pipes from reputable manufacturers to guarantee on quality standards.

Our quality pipes offer you great pleasure during smoking. They make you work easily since you don’t need to undergo any processes to enjoy your substance. They are designed to fit into your pockets so you can carry it to all your places of pleasure. We avail pipes that minimise smoke production. Therefore, they minimise attention of others to your smoking activity.

Our availed smoke pipes are easy to prepare and use. All you require to do is to make the smoke, pack the bowl and light the substance. It’s recommendable the substance is a bit wet so that it prevents inhalation of small substances that may lead to throat problems. You need to be cautious when lighting up your substance. The bowl must be lighted from all parts, and then you puff until the substance grows reddish.

You can buy the pipes directly from our Head Shop. Remember we are here to cater for your smoking needs. You can, make any consultation or send queries through our available customer care options.

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