Tap into shamanic wisdom of yore and enjoy one of the many different highs our smartshop stocks. Holland’s High got your next trip taken care of with our selection of aphrodisiacs, energizers, power herbs, psychedelics and more! We’re delighted to be able to offer you these premium products at a competitive price point, ensuring that your next trip won’t break the bank. Our herbal energizers will put an all-natural spring into your step! Chosen with care, each offers a time-tested way to help you make the most of your day. Products like kratom can help wash away your fatigue and relieve mild pain while delivering a boost to your energy levels. You’ll feel a mild euphoria that’s great for nights out or days in alike. These herbs, often brewed into teas or crushed into powders, can function as powerful alternatives to more addictive substances, like caffeine and some prescription pain killers. Your body will thank you for using these all-natural remedies and enhancements. Holland’s High also stocks a pungent collection of shrooms for when you want to take an absolutely magical trip. Each lets you tour the cosmos from your couch and experience visions of unparalleled beauty and wonder. You can also purchase one of our magic truffles for a high that’s easy to grow in your own home. For even more intense visions and experiences, we carry a variety of salvia strains. These are known for the vividness of sensations they can produce and the sheer euphoria of their high. Our store is staffed and maintained by shroom and herbal supplements enthusiasts. We’ve been on good trips and bad trips alike and have the knowledge and stock to supply you with an incredible hallucinogenic experience. Let one of our selection of smartshop’s products ease you into into a more creative, more relaxed state of mind!

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