Our Kratom is made from the Kratom tree, also known as Mitragyna speciosa, and have been used for many years due to their intoxicating effects. Bali and Thailand are the primary sources of Kratom supply.

The psychoactive supplement has become quite prominent in the modern days, especially in the western world. Today, more and more people turning to kratom tea and kratom powder.

Kratom originates from Southeast Asian tree with leaves that contain alkaloids that have similar effects to opiates. Kratom is known to have at least twenty bioavailable alkaloids.  Long ago, alkaloid mitragynine was believed to be the main force that is responsible for the psychoactive effects of Kratom. In the current time, researchers are highly likely to point to at least seven hydroxy mitragynine that has an array of effects.

Kratom is likely to kick in 15-20 minutes following the ingestion and might last between 2-5 hours. It is vital to have some water kept handy since this product might cause heavy thirst when consumed. If you take a lower dose of below 3 grams, you will encounter a feeling of increased energy levels, high sociability, stimulation and elevated mood.

In case you take a moderate dose of between 3-5 grams, you will find Kratom to be more relaxing; however, if you take a higher dose that goes above five grams, you will encounter dream-line sensation, sexual arousal and increased empathy.

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