Shipping Information

Timely delivery of your package is our priority. Hollands High is always looking for creative ways to deliver your order as fast as possible and discretely. We ensure a timely arrival of your parcel while maintaining privacy. Please view our page to find out if we ship to your country. You will gauge when you are likely to receive the parcel. You can track your orders online. Hollands High aims to provide affordable shipping rates. Hollands High assures you of your privacy. We ensure only you know the contents of the delivery. We utilise discreet packaging. The cover of the package just displays your physical address, the return address and the crucial post information. Importantly, we never use Hollands High as the sender’s name. Our packaging guarantees you of your privacy, and you are the one only who be joyful by the arrival of the package. We send orders in plain envelopes, and no person can ascertain who the sender is or what the parcel contains. You will not find the logo or name of Hollands High on your package. While Hollands High is keen to deliver your order in stipulated time, customers should provide a correct address when placing an order. In case of incorrect delivery details, Hollands High is not reliable for expenses incurred, delivery to a wrong address or resulting lateness of delivery. In case your package is damaged, kindly reach us through email, post or call us. Only return goods upon authorisation. The customers bear the costs associated with a return of goods unless agreed otherwise. Products are liable to the customers upon clearance from our warehouse.

Europe Delivery time’s

Albania4-7 Days
Andorra3-6 Days
Azores3-6 Days
Belgium1- 2 Days
Bosnia and Herzegovina4-8 Days
Bulgaria3-6 Days
Canary Islands3-6 Days
Cyprus4-7 Days
Denmark2-3 Days
Germany2-4 Days
Estonia2-4 Days
Finland2-3 Days
France2-3 Days
Gibraltar3-6 Days
Greece2-3 Days
Hungary2-3 Days
Ireland2-3 Days
Iceland2-4 Days
Italy2-4 Days
Channel Islands4-7 Days
Kosovo4-7-3 Days
Croatia3-6 Days
Latvia2-4 Days
België2-3 Days
Liechtenstein2-3 Days
Lithuania3-5 Days
Luxembourg2-3 Days
Macedonia4-7 Days
Malta3-5 Days
Moldova5-7 Days
Montenegro5-7 Days
Netherlands1-2 Days
Norway2-4 Days
Ukraine5-9 Days
Austria2-3 Days
Poland2-3 Days
Portugal2-3 Days
Romania2-4 Days
Russia8-14 Days
San Marino3-5 Days
Serbia3-6 Days
Slovenia2-4 Days
Slovakia2-4 Days
Spain2-4 Days
Czech Republic2-4 Days
Turkey5-9 Days
Vatican City3-5 Days
United Kingdom2-4 Days
Belarus5-8 Days
Sweden2-3 Days
Switzerland2-3 Days

Worldwide Delivery time’s

Aruba5-7 Days
AustraliaNot Available
Bonaire6-9 Days
Brazil6-10 Days
Canada3-6 Days
China5-9 Days
Curacao4-6 Days
Hong Kong4-6 Days
India5-10 Days
Israel4-5 Days
Japan4-6 Days
Morocco4-8 Days
New Zealand5-8 Days
St. Maarten5-7 Days
Suriname5-8 Days
United States3-6 Days
South Africa7-10 Days
Other6-12 Days