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Bubble Haze is a genetic cross breed between the Bubble Gum and Super Silver Haze cannabis varieties (60% Sativa, 40% Indica). As a result, Bubble Haze takes on a fast blooming quality with a unique and pungent scent and taste which are unique and pleasant. Both sharp and sweet, there are also woody qualities within Bubble Haze’s flavour notes which help form a rich flavour profile.



Like other Haze strains, this is a perennial favourite of the Dutch coffee shop scene. It translates very well for home cultivation and use. This particular strain was bred in the Netherlands in the 1990s where it went on to win the High Cup three consecutive times that decade. As such, you can expect consistency of quality in the Bubble Haze which has been through years of testing, use and advocation.


In terms of cultivation, you can expect an easy to maintain plant if treated indoors. However, you do need to keep this very well pruned because it has a tendency to grow large and out of control if left to its own devices. If you cultivate Bubble Haze correctly, you can expect a height on this plant of between 90 and 130 cm. Bubble Haze flowers at around 9 to 10+ weeks when properly grown and, if grown outdoors, needs to be well looked after to prevent it from becoming too wild and wide. As a well-established and much lauded strain, the near 20% THC content provides a serious high for such a small package.


Bubble Haze provides an extreme and uplifting high which is ideal for evening use. You can expect a very strong hit from this for a fun, uplifting and spacey experience. If you like your cannabis sticky, fuzzy and engineered for a dry and pungent punch, then Bubble Haze is for you. As an energetic hit, it does well to relieve fatigue and stress.

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  1. Christian M

    About delicious taste and effect and huge harvest personally Bubble Haze by Dutchfem is my favorite strain!

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