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The Dutch Dwarf is genetically similar to Dutchfem’s standard Autflowering strain. To add more character to their yield, DutchFem have crossed their autoflower with a Skunk male to produce this new Dutch Dwarf strain. It is an Indica and Sativa genetic mix. As the name suggests, it is bred to be small in size and shape, perfect for growing in discrete or limited spaces such as cupboard, closets or even small tents.



DutchFem even claim to have customers grow the Dutch Dwarf in the frames of old PC’s. As one of the smallest autoflower plants out there, the yield is somewhat less than other comparable autoflower strains. However, the added plus of this is the ability to grow it almost anywhere within your house.


When growing this little dwarf indoors, you can expect a maximum height of about 70 cm and a minimum of 40 cm. The caretaking can be kept at a minimum. It will yield an expected harvest of roughly 150 to 200 gram/m2. If you are going to be planting this outside, you can expect a longer harvest time — usually twelve weeks or more — from which time you can get ready to cut its sticky buds for use. It will grow some 60 to 100 cm if appropriately soiled outside, with a yield of about 30 to 70 grams per plant.


You can expect a compact and tidy little plant with the Dutch Dwarf, capable of growing just about anywhere with proper care. Although small, the Dutch Dwarf is a quick and steady yielder with good results. The high achieved is mild but sociable and relaxing. It won’t be a powerful “couch-lock” effect, making it an ideal for use throughout the day without anyone noticing its effects. If you are short on space, this one is for you.

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  1. Christian M

    Simple a wonderful bonsai dwarf fruity faster strain! i love it and dutchfem <3

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