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Dutchfem CBD oil 4% is one of the purest CBD oils available at our CBD shop. It has a 100% purity level. It delivers a relative balance of strength. The oils available have no additives to ensure that you enjoy the maximum benefits of the CBD oil.

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The CBD is a Carbon Dioxide extracted cannabinoid that comes from the cannabis crop. CBD oils are extracted from CBD. The CBD oil is not a psychoactive such that it does not affect to bring highness as caused by other cannabis products, that is, the mental state of the user remains unchanged after use.

The oil has numerous advantages regarding health support. The CBD works by attaching itself to the body. Cannabinoids receptors facilitate the attachment; CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 controls pains, moods and emotions flow to the brain as well as in the body while CB2 aids in the immune system. CBD influences the body in the mutilisation of its cannabinoids. Therefore, CBD control health issues such as depression, chronic pain, nervousness disorders, dementia, muscle pains, itches, psychoses, skin conditions and joint pains.

The CBD oils have no adverse effects on users. The product is made from certified seeds. At Holland high, we avail you of high quality and safe CBD oil that has been tested and approved. The product is aimed at helping you with medication.

The oil comes in 10 ml containers with 400mg of CBD content that is 4% of the contents. The oil package of 10ml has approximately 200 drops of the oil and comes in golden or yellow colour.

Dutchfem CBD oil (4%) should be taken in doses of one to four drops. You can only use it to a maximum of three times in a single day. The oils have no highness feeling , hence appropriate and usable at any given time. For better preservation, it’s advisable to store it under cool temperatures such as in a refrigerator.

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  1. Christian M

    I love dutchfem cbd oil because quality price sound very good! A nice product

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