White Thunder


If you are an experienced psychonaut and are looking for a magic truffle to boost your sensitivity, White thunder is the right magic mushroom for you. This Magic truffle will intensify your hearing, sharpen your senses, and give you amazing philosophical thoughts that you’ve never experienced. It is the best trip experience for you and your friends.

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White Thunder is named after the great visual experience that it produces. This Magic truffle is not suitable for inexperienced magic truffle enthusiast.


White Thunder Magic Truffles

The white Thunder Magic Truffles are grown with extensive care with the rewarding quality for an extreme experience. The Truffles are most suitable for evening medication, relaxation, and also for recreational usage.


Our White Thunder duo Package

Our package comes in a box containing two bags of 15 grams. Each gram is pure with natural magic mushrooms, devised to give you the ultimate experience. Once you’ve taken it, the white thunder takes about ½ – 1 hour to get ingested to the body. It should then take 3-4 hours to fade away. It induces a relaxing cerebral high and a soothing body buzz. However, due to its adverse effects, many users may end up getting lazy and sleepy. But when utilised in the right manner, White Thunder is known for reducing stress, pain, and even insomnia.


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P.S. Ensure to relax and eat & Drink well since the Magic Truffles has adverse stomach and headache after-effects.


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